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Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the cutting edge of Fertility treatment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent within Fertility and can assist embryologists in making both a rapid and accurate assessment of the quality of the embryo. At Bridge Clinic we use AI as an extension to time-lapse monitoring which allows our Embryologists to monitor every stage of embryo development, as the technology takes images of embryos at intervals of every ten minutes.

AI systems can review hundreds of images from each developing embryo and the AI algorithms that we use at Bridge Clinic are trained to grade embryos with great accuracy by analysing thousands and thousands of these time-lapse images, and comparing those that produce a successful outcome to those that don’t.

Although this process is always overseen by our clinical embryologists who review the selection process before embryo transfer, the assistance of AI systems in daily laboratory practice will offer patients outcome optimisation and provide a better understanding of their chances of success.

Marta Jansa Perez, our Director of Embryology says ‘Our commitment to innovation and technology means that we are constantly looking for ways to improve the chances of success for our patients and the evaluation of AI algorithms along with the use of our extensive embryological expertise is likely to contribute to this.’

Currently, at Bridge Clinic London we are evaluating the efficacy of time-lapse parameters and artificial intelligence algorithms as predictors of embryo potential with our main focus always being on delivering the highest success rates to our patients.