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Fertility treatment can be a stressful time for many patients and their partners. There are several complex psychological, social, and legal issues that can arise from this treatment.

What is fertility counselling?

All of our Counsellors at Bridge Clinic adhere to the regulatory guidelines set out by The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA). This ensures you receive high-quality counselling to help you through your journey with us.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) states that fertility counselling is a key element in the provision of fertility services. As there are several complex psychological, social, and legal issues that can arise, patients need expert guidance and care. Fertility counselling offers you the support you need before, during and after treatment. It is a safe environment for you to discuss your feelings with an experienced fertility counsellor.

Support and empathy are at the heart of our services at Bridge Clinic London, and anytime you need to talk about your treatment, we have trained counsellors who are experts in the challenges and emotions involved when going through assisted conception treatment. Our specialised clinicians, embryologists and administrative staff are also available to provide you with information and support throughout your treatment.

When is fertility counselling recommended?

Fertility counselling forms a crucial part of your support network when you embark on this journey. Different types of counselling may be relevant to your situation.

Therapeutic counselling (also known as behavioural or narrative counselling) is based on best practices in clinical psychology. It provides the space to explore your feelings around having a baby, and about the challenges that you have experienced along the way. Patients develop coping strategies to handle difficult situations, resolve relationship issues and prepare for fertility treatment.

Implications counselling is essential for patients who intend to use donor sperm or donor eggs. This provides a forum for you to explore the emotional and legal aspects of these types of treatment. This type of counselling is also essential for those donating sperm or eggs.

Genetic counselling is about exploring the risks of genetic disorders in a future child. In cases where we believe there is some risk, we will recommend counsellors that specialise in this type of counselling.

Fertility counselling for men

Men may talk about it less, but they are just as likely to feel lonely, angry or depressed about issues of fertility. There are many unknowns, and it is difficult to navigate them alone. If not addressed, questions of self-worth, belonging and family can grow into more serious issues that affect your relationships and your overall sense of wellbeing. At Bridge Clinic London, we have male and female counsellors to support individuals and couples during their fertility journey.

How much does fertility counselling cost?

The first counselling session if free and further sessions payments are handled by the counsellor