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Don’t delay starting your family – seek IVF treatment sooner rather than later

At Bridge Clinic London, we place great importance on giving patients accurate information in regard to their chances of conception throughout the fertility treatment process, and in particular after giving birth via IVF.

Our aim is to provide patients access to not just all leading IVF treatments and technologies under one hub, but also counselling services to ensure patients receive a sensitive and high-quality care approach.

Patient well-being and informed decision-making are at the core of our care, and thus providing future family makers with all options and updated information enables us to curate a personalised service catered towards their needs. 

Our facilities and team aim to limit any additional aggravating factors during a patient’s IVF journey as much as possible. By incorporating up-to-date fertility research and studies into our care, we can help patients feel assured that they have access to everything they need to start or even continue building their families. 

But even with the latest research from top fertility studies, there is still so much we don’t know about the science. The NHS have previously reported that the chance of any couple conceiving naturally a year – if they have already been trying for a few years – is one-in-four, or less. Recent data analysed from a UCL fertility study suggested new insights into the potential of fertility treatment, claiming that natural pregnancies after undergoing IVF treatment were more likely in subsequent years. 

The truth instead is that it is not undergoing IVF that increases the chances of pregnancy the second time, but that the majority of these patients did not need IVF in the first instance. If they had tried naturally a bit longer before starting IVF, they likely would have gotten pregnant without intervention.

Fertility problems can be temporary or permanent, affecting either partner, but whilst there are treatable reasons, it may not be possible for many couples to find a cause. Factors that may affect the first failure to conceive such as age or impotence can continue to affect future attempts. 

Whilst it is amazing news that such a high proportion of patients have been found to conceive naturally after IVF, this is by no means the norm as of yet. A high proportion of patients with unexplained infertility do get pregnant on the 2nd year of trying, but it is only suggested to start IVF after one year. 

At Bridge Clinic, we wish to provide the best consultation and route to success when it comes to starting families. Couples should not delay seeking consultation if they wish to pursue their dream of a full family life, as we aim to provide the best guidance and latest research to inform and advise prospective parents.

Don’t delay starting your family. We’re here to help.