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Keeping quality IVF care at affordable prices

In the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, many clinics have had no choice but to increase treatment costs to ensure their doors remain open. The strain placed by these inflated costs is impacting patients as these are often the ones trying to begin their IVF journey but instead are now facing the heavy question of whether they can afford the financial investment in the current climate. 

One treatment cycle of IVF costs around £5,000 on the NHS. However, private fertility clinics are completely free to set their own price lists. This means patients can pay differing amounts for the same treatment depending on which clinic is used. 

There can also be huge discrepancies between what clinics advertise and what patients pay; decoding the actual costs of IVF is arduous and bewildering.

Access to treatment, in general, can also be decided entirely on a patient’s home address and registered general practice. This might leave some Londoners in the lurch looking for NHS-funded help. 

More accessible options are needed to support expecting families needing access to high-quality care, support and knowledge for informed decision-making. 

Inflation and the high cost-of-living are arguably the biggest issues for many patients across the UK. NHS-funded IVF treatments that offer cost-effective high-quality care can help future families feel supported in their decisions to progress with treatment. 

Offering transparent costings helps prospective patients understand what they need to budget for without fear of unexpected add-ons during their IVF journey. 

At Bridge Clinic London, our aim is to limit any aggravation factors during the IVF journey as much as possible. Fertility treatment is a stressful and emotional experience,  without the additional pressures of a financial squeeze. 

Having the ability to undergo an IVF journey should not simply boil down to the socio-economic lottery many are unfortunately facing right now. We aim to provide patients with a smooth and supported road to family life, giving access to all leading IVF treatments and care in one hub location, alongside counselling services to ensure patients receive a sensitive and high-quality approach to their care.

Furthermore, price discrimination facing same-sex couples is another real issue  as eligibility requirements are often higher for LGBT+ couples compared to heterosexual couples. Levelling the financial playing field of IVF treatment is more important than ever in the current climate – regardless of anybody’s demographic. 

Quality of care at an affordable price. Bridge Clinic has your best interests at heart.