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Stay at home: UK IVF clinics are cheaper than overseas alternatives.

Contrary to popular opinion, seeking IVF overseas is no longer more cost-effective than undergoing treatment in the UK.

At Bridge Clinic, we conducted a cost comparison for the average range of costs for basic treatment packages and services, specifically for IVF and donor eggs, including preparation, visits, basic scans, egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

What patients need to remember is that on top of treatment costs comes travel too. Flights and accommodation must also be factored into budgets as well. At a time when many households are tightening financial belts, patients don’t want to overcommit themselves to several trips for overseas appointments which can quickly rack up expenses.

Additionally, the process of travelling back and forth overseas can further add greater mental strain onto the shoulders of patients at a time when they may be hitting their limits.

IVF clinics are free to adjust price brackets once treatment has begun. Patients need to also factor in that additional costs can also appear unexpectedly. Opaque cost agreements are difficult to factor in but must always be considered. Before patients commit themselves to a clinical partner, it is imperative for them to research and have in-person meet-and-greet to get a feel of their potential clinical provider.

These initial conversations are also a good opportunity for patients to ask about costs and what they can expect with any additional add-ons required during their journey. A conversation which can be difficult to have with a partner based overseas. European alternatives can offer significantly cheaper options, but ultimately the risk of trusting clinics arises and committing to an option abroad for such a huge decision can place a larger amount of stress on patients.

Bridge Clinic London has an offering of £4,110 per round of IVF or ICSI treatment and embryo freezing, all available from our accessible clinic located close to King’s Cross and Euston stations. We believe transparent treatment costs are important in putting patients’ minds at ease and being an early trust builder between the parties.

The current financial burdens may encourage patients to commit themselves to an overseas option that may be appear cheaper at face-value. But strings are typically attached to these offers and that’s before travel and accommodation costs are also factored in.

For many, staying in the UK and having a more personalised and transparent relationship with an IVF partner will be more cost-effective and reduce the stress involved in the process.

Another warning of shopping overseas is the variations in regulations and what type of treatment patients have access to. For example, treatments involving egg donation IVF are prohibited in Turkey. Furthermore, LGBTQ+ patients also face complex and added barriers when venturing outside of the UK – be that added costs or refusal of treatment.

Patients can feel longer term financial and emotional benefits if they avoid the lure of initially cheaper treatment costs overseas.

Having treatment closer to home and with no hidden costs is a far more effective way for patients to better connect and consolidate the emotional load they must take on as well.

Research completed in June 2023